Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

You missing another appointment, Agent? Or just trying to complete the stupid mission?

Today's Bridge: MUCH better hands today than yesterday. They manipulated the DS stylus with ease and uncovered yet another amazing twist in the story of Sissel.

Today's Work: I found the template I needed, and it's from the previous release. Oh well. Gotta make it work for this release.

I finally recorded the commentary for the next episode of Space Quest V. It went pretty well. Might even bother to clean it up tonight if I have time. I didn't have time last night for FFXIII and decided to get back to Crackdown 2. First, the 360 required a couple of updates, which is to be expected when I use it as little as I do. Then the agent had trouble climbing some walls - by which I mean I fell right past the ledges and he wouldn't grab them. I started a checkpoint capture mission and no enemies showed up. How can they consider it too heavily guarded when there are no enemies? I assume they were all on the roof of the unscaleable tower. I guess I'm supposed to find a way to climb up there even though I can't get to any other buildings without the mission ending. Bah. I got my explosives skill to level 5 by blowing up a bunch of them with a rocket launcher, though, so I'll have to check out the new weapons the next time I play. No idea when that will be, though.

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