Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Ninja Gaiden with no deaths... impressive

Today's Bridge: I lucked out and got to play, with Kevin as my partner. There were a lot of early sets - on our side, I jumped when I shouldn't have and led us to a game that was out of our reach, and Kevin then declared a 3NT and the 5-1 diamond split did us in. We finally made a contract, and then they bid 4H to keep us out of a 4C or 3S that we wouldn't have made, and Dan redoubled it, ending up off two.

Today's Work: I'm making progress on my tasks, which is good. There's a lot I can't get done until after the meeting that was supposed to be today, but had to be put off until tomorrow. Some other cool things happened, but I can't or won't talk about them. On the whole, however, they make me very happy.

Not many videos to watch today, but some of them were really long. I'm just getting to the end now. Hard to decide what to do for the rest of the night - work on an LP, a side project, or just play some games. I could watch FFXIII for a bit. Plenty of time for that.

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