Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Some other stuff happened that I won't talk about. Not to me.

Today's Bridge: We had enough for two tables when the stragglers did some recruiting, but I had a free seat at table one. It was a tough rubber, with the opponents bidding a couple of contracts that looked solid. Ken and I were nearly impeccable on defense (I question one of his leads, which gave Mike a chance to sluff two hearts, but he had three and we still set the contract), but we got into some tough contracts ourselves. We each nursed a partscore that was within 20 points of game the entire time, but our side finally managed a 2H contract that made four. No idea whether the defense could have been improved that time.

Today's Work: A new set of documents to review, which you may have noticed me mentioning earlier today. There's enough work to do that I brought my computer home, planning to do some work here even if I take the day off due to the storm. Even Curt's thinking about it, and he usually doesn't take days off for weather.

There's no House tonight, so I'm watching the last few videos that have made the queue for the evening, and then I'll probably work more on the Space Quest commentary. If I'm home tomorrow, it'll definitely be finished and posted sometime tomorrow. It still might be otherwise, but I doubt I'll get it done tonight. I have more games to play, and I should charge my portable devices in case we do lose power sometime tomorrow. We'll see how bad the storm is - I might even head in to work myself, but I'm expecting not to. I'm a sissy about weather.

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