Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Thanks for the birthday wishes, those who have offered them.

Today's Bridge: It was pretty much the opposite of yesterday. Dan and I had bad fits all day, we let the opponents get 5D Dbl in the first hand (I don't think there was a way to stop it, but with eleven hearts between us, 5H may have been a workable sacrifice), and couldn't make a slam when I had a 2NT opener. Granted, my distribution wasn't quite right, but I figured my singleton ace of clubs was strong enough to risk the bid, and Dan's jump to 4H was just what I wanted to hear. I went to 6H even though we were missing an ace, and the trump just split 4-1. We finally managed a game in the last two hands, but it was too little, too late.

Today's Work: I got a couple of questions to answer, and other than that, it was just the same stuff as usual. The good news is that tomorrow's a liberal leave day because of the winter storm, and with little to do tomorrow, I figure I'll just take the day off. I have three and a half weeks of use or lose leave for the year, and no real plans to use any of it since Mom will be in Indiana and won't require taking a week off to visit, so I might as well take it while I have a reason and an opportunity.

When Curt said last weekend that we would be postponing my birthday dinner until "during the week", I thought he meant some day yet to be decided, which would happen to be a day this week. What he meant was the day of, which was tonight. So I put my Subway sub in the fridge (no great loss... they made the wrong one and added microwaved bacon, not charging me for it - I appreciate the gesture, as well as the offer to remake the sub from scratch, but it was late and I wanted to get home) and we went to Mikado for sushi and Japanese food. The prices were more reasonable than I remembered, particularly if we avoid the combination dinners and go for things like udon and donburi. The mochi ice cream was great too. I'd like to make it a regular dinner destination, if not a frequent one. Curt rightly says we have to get sushi, which will drive the price up quite a bit. I also want another bowl of donburi... I got the udon this time, and while it was good, it's no donburi. I ate my egg in one bite and sort of wish I hadn't.

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