Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I failed the first puzzle in a Professor Layton game. In my defense, it was cold and I couldn't see.

Happy birthday tomorrow to jesse_dylan. It's good to be seeing more comments and entries from you lately, although I guess you've never really stopped posting.

Today's Bridge: We got off to a late start (see below), but I got to declare and make another one of those contracts I had no business bidding. Kevin opened 1H to my right when I had H K-x-x-x D K-Q-10-9-x-x C x-x-x, and even though I don't have the hand for it at all, I overcalled 2D. Paul responded with a surprising yet probably predictable 3S. That left me with nothing to do but bid 4D, since my clubs were too weak for 3NT. Paul responded 4S, and I had to go to a natural 4NT. He took it as natural as well, but corrected to 5D. When he laid down S A-K-10-x-x-x-x H 3 D A-x-x C A-x, I definitely couldn't find fault with his bidding. Kevin took the opening heart lead with the ace and led a diamond, so I ran the ten to Dan's hack and took the ace, ruffed a low spade, ruffed a heart, spade, heart, and a final spade to my hand so I could pull the two outstanding trump with the remaining K-Q, cash the king of hearts, and lead a club to the three top black cards on the board. Overtrick. The rest of the rubber didn't go as well for us, as I made some crazy sacrifices and we ended up in a disastrous 4D that was miraculously only off two.

Today's Work: Just as lunch was about to start, the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the building for about half an hour. We finally got to go back in for lunch, and just when I was about to get back to work, they told us to evacuate again - just on the basis of word of mouth, as far as I could tell. This time, we were outside for an hour before they finally let us back in. It seems that the gas company had put high pressure (or just more stink) in the lines to find leaks, and our building is so huge that it took forever to check and still smelled like gas afterward. I got a little done, but the distractions didn't really help me keep on task. I've got a lot to get done tomorrow, or some status updates to rewrite to reflect what I didn't get done.

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