Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Something something LJ entry

Well, with all of my Christmas gifts accounted for, I felt safe buying Donkey Kong Country Returns at last, and I picked up the Family Guy Star Wars trilogy boxed set while I was at it. I had a bunch of Best Buy certificates to use. Then we had breakfast at Scholar's Inn, I came home and worked on a Space Quest video (and played a bit more Banjo-Tooie to get some really easy items - I hate the UFO shooting minigame), and we had dinner at the good Chinese buffet. I don't know whether I want to watch the third Family Guy Star Wars tonight or play a game, but I'll probably watch the DVD and try to get some work done while my video encodes. I need to watch it while I'm not in a Skype chat to make sure the sound came out well... granted, it's best to do that before encoding, but I'll have to do that later anyway, so if it's good, I have a video, and if not, then I do the editing and re-encode just the audio. Not a big deal.

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