Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Happy New Year and stuff

I never fell asleep last night. I tried for a bit, but around 1:15, I gave up and stayed up all night playing Crackdown 2. I made a lot of progress, at least. Sometime around 11, I think my fatigue caught up with me and I felt pretty normal, like waking up after a usual night when I manage to sleep. Before that, the world was a very strange place. So I watched some videos, ended up getting some Rayman commentary done (I'm not sure I should trust it, since I kept nodding off while listening for stuff I should cut out, but it's the perfect level for things like that to happen in anyway), and pulled out Banjo-Tooie so I can play along with the LP and try to collect everything I missed when I was playing without hints. I also finally got around to trying Gitaroo Man Lives, which is as much fun as it looks. I didn't do very well, but then I discovered that I was playing on Normal instead of Easy difficulty. I beat the first two levels, so maybe it's a good way to practice.

I know it's probably the worst night of the year for it, but I'm hoping to feel sleepy for once tonight and actually nod off sometime before I wake up. That would be nice. I'll never, ever catch up on the sleep I'm supposed to get, because my body abhors sleep for some reason, but anything is a plus at this point. I'd like to be able to wake up and go to work on Monday with as little hassle as possible. The good weather is wasted on this week, although if it were snowing rather than raining, I doubt I'd have gone anywhere all week even after I stopped feeling sick. I'd probably just eat ramen at every meal.

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