Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

At least there's some interest in my life... maybe.

I'm doing really well in Rayman. That was pretty much my day. My leg still hurts a little from the cramp I woke up with yesterday - I forgot to put that in my entry, went back to add it, and decided not to. It was unpleasant. My profound thought for the day came immediately after going to the State Farm website to pay the bill I'd just received, only to discover that I'd paid it a few days ago. Now, I remembered that I'd paid a bill, but not which one. It makes sense that it's the one they sent a paper bill for as well. But I also needed to write a check for my mail handlers' associate union dues, which got me wondering why the mail handlers' union hasn't set up a website for online payments. You can probably guess what my next thought was.

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