Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Avalanche: It's not just a terrorist group anymore

Today's Bridge: We got off to a bad start when Paul mistook a heart for a diamond and landed us in a 5D Dbl off four. We made a couple of contracts after that, finally assembling the game with a 3NT. We had a decent club fit, and the opponents attacked Mike's bid heart suit, but we were the ones with most of the honors. We each only had two diamonds, but we figured in post that if they'd attacked those, we could still pick up our four club tricks, the top three spades, and the two red aces. Notrump contracts can be tricky to puzzle out.

Today's Work: I finally got to work on the logic classes, although I left the more complicated ones empty for now. I'll work on those tomorrow. More tedious work involved with those, unfortunately, but I may be able to get away without specifying two separate variables for each message type. I'll just specify the one that varies from message to message and say that the other one exists for each one of those. Then I forgot that I need to write interface classes for a bunch of other devices. Fortunately, we don't know the interfaces to them, so those will probably be empty as well.

It was snowing a bit this morning, but the roads were pretty clear. Mostly. One road in town was a sheet of ice, and that's where my car decided to throw a tantrum and rebel when I hit the brakes. I know it's just the anti-lock brakes, and I'm grateful for them, but man, that grinding noise and the brake pressing back on my foot always make me feel like the car's just not stopping. It stopped, of course, but I really hate that sensation. I hate snow. All you guys who keep wanting it to snow and cheering when it snows can go be buried in a ton of snow. See how you like it then. The weird thing was that traffic on the way back was just as slow. I passed someone on base and never went over the speed limit. That was while it was still light. I don't know how people can stand to drive that slowly when the roads are dry.

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