Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Edited for time? What a concept!

Today's Bridge: Nobody made a contract. Ken had a shot at a 3NT, but he would have needed to finesse against Paul's jack of diamonds. I think I had a reasonable play for 2NT in the first hand, even as weak as I was, but every single finesse failed, and I tried them all.

Today's Work: I made my flow diagram, then went back and removed an entire class because it made things more complicated and didn't need to be there. I did the writeup for it, and tomorrow, I start on the individual class diagrams or the sequence diagram. Probably the class diagrams first, so I can get all the names straight.

With only one episode of Hell's Kitchen tonight, I have more time to get stuff done, even though it was a late work day. I didn't get in too late, but right at the end of the day, the network admin renumbered my UID, so I had to hang around until after I was supposed to clock out to make sure the changes looked good. My videos are going pretty well - I finished the gameplay for Space Quest II, so now I'm just editing together the two videos (to make sure the second one, with the finale, isn't too long), and then I'll do commentary. Still no ideas for gimmicks, so it's just the usual process. For now. It's a bit more involved, because I'm cutting out the save and load screens (for several reasons), but there shouldn't need to be any special effects unless the video runs really long.

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