Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

The commute is so much more fun when listening to Catch-22. Metcalfe, you're an idiot!

Today's Bridge: Surprisingly, we had five people today. Even more surprisingly, I was the high card, so I was Dan's partner (since he had to sit out yesterday). Considering that we had very little of any use, we did pretty well. We had an early no-fit hand, and so little power that we couldn't stand in the way of our opponents making a game. Finally, we had a pretty shaky 3NT where the opponents made the lead that gave us the contract. I had S A-J-x H x-x D Q-J-x C K-10-8-x-x, and Dan had S x-x-x-x H A-x-x-x D K-x-x C A-Q. A spade or heart lead gives us trouble, but Brandy started with a diamond. I let it ride to my jack, cashed the two clubs on the board, led the king of diamonds to Brandy's ace, and won his diamond return to cash all the tricks I needed. We ended the rubber with Paul opening 1C, and with S x H x-x D K-x-x-x C A-Q-J-10-x-x, I had to bid 3C. They all let that go, and Dan's S Q-J-x-x-x H x-x-x D A-Q-x-x C x made diamonds look a bit more attractive, especially when Paul turned out to have five clubs. I went up on the first spade lead, and when Paul returned a spade, I sluffed a heart and let Brandy take his king. That set up the jack and let me ruff the second heart and start leading the clubs, giving up on the finesse since there was no chance of getting the king out safely. Paul led a club back at me, which wasn't his best move if he had a heart left, because it let me pull all but one of his clubs and start on the diamonds, sluffing my losing one on the jack of spades. He saved his trump for the final trick, and that was only a one-trick set.

Today's Work: Some long discussions about documentation and philosophy, some review, and more of my own document.

Watching more videos, and planning to work on one of my own after this one is over. I got caught up in chatting and watching Angry Nerd videos last night, but tonight, I definitely want to get my Space Quest 2 video scripted, if not commented. Ideally, I'd like to have it encoding while I watch the rest of the videos, but I can do that tomorrow. Also, laundry. I really need to do laundry.

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