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It reminds me of Journey of the Sorcerer, in the sense of beauty from disparate elements.

Man, what a late day. I got a really late start out the door, and then some stupid truck driver was doing 35 the whole way. After leaving work late, there was another slow driver, so I decided to stop at Subway, and didn't end up getting home until about 6:30. So of course there were a lot of videos posted today that I want to watch, and it's only because there's no Hell's Kitchen that I may manage it. Stop showing sports during Nielsen weeks, Fox!

Also, no Bridge, my Outlook installation is still broken even after a reinstall, I got no responses to the things I sent out (including my request for permission to attend tomorrow's meeting), and basically, nothing is going right at work. At least I got my presentation posted.

I got my next Rayman video posted, and that's my accomplishment for today. I think I'm going to call it, aside from the usual meme entry.

Day 1 - Very first anime
Day 2 - Favorite anime You’ve watched so far
Day 3 - Your anime crush
Day 4 - Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed
Day 5 - Anime character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)
Day 6 - Most annoying anime character
Day 7 - Favorite anime couple
Day 8 - Most epic scene ever
Day 9 - Saddest anime scene
Day 10 - Favorite slice of life anime
Day 11 - Favorite mech series
Day 12 - An ecchi picture from your favorite series
Day 13 - Cosplay of your ‘waifu’ or Husbando’
Day 14 - current (or most recent) anime wallpaper
Day 15 - Post a cute Neko-girl
Day 16 - post a kigurumi cosplay of your favorite anime character
Day 17 - Favorite tsundere
Day 18 - Something moe
Day 19 - Mandatory swimsuit post
Day 20 - Favorite shoujo anime
Day 21 - Best yandere character
Day 22 - Favorite boy’s love couple (or yuri couple, if you don’t like that sort of thing)
Day 23 - Anime you think had the best, or most intrigueing art
Day 24 - Favorite anime hero or heroine
Day 25 - Best anime villian
Day 26 - Your favorite harem anime
Day 27 - Favorite anime opening theme song
Day 28 - Favorite pokémon
Day 29 - Favorite school uniform
Day 30 - Favorite anime ending theme

Day 27 - Favorite anime opening theme song

Obviously, I can't very well do a manga version of this topic, so I'm going to do something a little different. I'm going to give you my favorite anime theme song, and my favorite anime opening. In other words, one will be just for the music, and the other will take the video into account. I'll be doing the same thing for endings in a few days, so look forward to that. Until then, here are the openings, including video links.

Favorite song: Magic Knight Rayearth - Hikari to Kage wo Dakishimeta Mama

I don't know how to describe my musical tastes, but I love this song. I love the harpsichord, I love the singing, I love the bridge in the full version, I love the ending of the full version, and I hate whoever thought it would be a good idea to do an English dub of it. I think that covers it.

Favorite video: Brigadoon - Kaze no Ao, Umi no Midori

Yes, I know, I'm just going back to my old favorite series, but come on. The theme is absolutely beautiful on its own - I just happen to like Hikari to Kage wo Dakishimeta Mama more than Kaze no Ao, Umi no Midori. (Why do all the songs I like have such long names?) The full version, however, has a different beginning, and I like the theme version much better. And in addition to having the superior version of the song, the video presents a simple series of images that I think have a pretty powerful effect. We get to see the main characters happy and bruised, triumphant and defeated, rapidly progressing from image to image in front of a backdrop of clouds. Without telling us anything about the story, they make us want to see what happens to these characters. And I think they're surprisingly relevant in the context of the series. But the best part of it, for me, is that for the last part of the series, they created an alternate opening that uses the second verse of the song and an even more moving series of images. I honestly find it difficult to watch, having seen the series and knowing what events they refer to. I love it when series change their openings to reflect what's happening in the series (Tenshi ni Narumon probably did it best, and it's so subtle that I never noticed until someone pointed it out to me), but both versions of this one are great. And the combination of flute, violin, and acoustic guitar works beautifully. And a choir. Choral music is beautiful.

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