Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: Mike and Paul S. returned to the fray... and Mike and I had garbage hands. We declared twice, one of which was a "shut up" 4H bid from me based on an eight or nine card fit and a short club suit in Mike's hand. I figured we were off one, maybe two, but he miscounted the hearts and the split was against us for off four. The other was a 3NT in which I was playing for off one at one point, but that's because I hate having outstanding losers in a suit. But Paul turned out to have all of the missing clubs, which made things pretty easy, and I finessed him for the queen of hearts at the end because if Dan had it and won,. he couldn't return a club and I had the other suits covered. As it turned out, Paul had the queen, and I ended up with an overtrick. Other than that, they declared everything and made everything exactly, although there was a way we could have set them on the first hand.

Today's purchases: Mars: Horse with no Name manga, Nuku Nuku TV 4, and Ai yori Aoshi: Enishi 1. I also hit the Anime Nation website and ordered Enishi 2 (with the figurines... I'll have to complete the set), Galaxy Angel 3 (coming out at the end of the month), and ran out of ideas other than Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat, but I really don't want to start any more new series right now. Then I remembered that I've been enjoying Super Gals, so I looked that one up to preorder the second DVD. Turns out it's already out. So is 3. In fact, all six of them are out, and there's even a discounted boxed set. If it had been cheaper than buying five individual DVDs, I'd have bought it, but it was just a bit more expensive. Also, I got $1.50 off each one after the first for ordering more than one of a series in a single order. Completely forgot Gate Keepers 2... again. Whoops. I'd say that I'd remember better if I'd watched more of it, but I don't HAVE more of it to watch. That's the point.

As for the air conditioning, I called management today and they said it's been broken, but they got the replacement today. So it should cool off soon. Best Buy took back the unit I'd bought and refunded me in full, which is the other reason I didn't feel too bad ordering all that anime. And according to Kittyhawk, there are $5 games at Circuit City. Curt's going to check that out tomorrow and see if a) it's still true and b) there's anything worth buying. If they indeed have Skies of Arcadia for the Gamecube at that price, I'll snap it up even though I've put a freeze on my game-buying activities. I see a distinct advantage to paying a low price for the things I know I'm going to get eventually anyway. Stores take advantage of that with sales, and that's how they get my money. But I'm a better consumer than most, I think, in that I won't buy anything that I wouldn't ordinarily buy at some future date anyway. Manga and anime-wise, I allow myself to expand a bit, but that's fuel for my creativity and more entertainment in the end, so I'm happy.

Also, it rained a few times today, usually when I was on the road. I'm not sure whether to be excited or ... not excited.

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