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Argh. We watched some anime, ate at Mikado, then bought an air conditioner. Now, feel free to laugh anytime if you must, but I WILL come out on top of this situation in the end. Mom told me about a portable air conditioner at Best Buy that doesn't need to be window-mounted, so I went to look. I told the salesman that I couldn't mount an A/C in my window and asked if the display models were indoor units. They were certainly running inside the store, with no visible exhaust venting to the outside, so they had to be non-window models, right? Well, this one sure seems to be a window model, and in just a few minutes of running, it filled with condensation. I tried to move it under the heat intake, so there would be some semblance of removing the hot air from the room, and ended up with water all over the floor. So tomorrow, the time comes to find out who fixes the problem. Will maintenance find a way to mount it in the window after all? Will Best Buy's expert staff tell me how to run the unit without a window handy and without needing a full roll of paper towels? Will the Indiana Board of Health shut down my apartment because there's absolutely no physical way to cool it off? Will I get my money back? Clearly, something has to give, and dammit, it won't be me.

Curt likes Brigadoon more after having seen half of the series. I told him he would. We also watched the first DVD of Ai Yori Aoshi. And the Hare Nochi Guu download died in the middle, and I went to Animesuki to see what the problem was... it's been licensed. Of all the.... So I dutifully erased all of the downloaded files from my hard drive and eagerly await the American release, even if it's under the dubious title "Hare + Guu". Takes all the fun out of it. And I wasn't thrilled with the menu style of the other AnimeNation license I bought, Risky Safety. But that's life. You end up having to pay for things.

If I have heatstroke while sleeping, at least my brother's here to find the corpse in the morning. Or to fill the tub with cool water for me and help me crawl into it. After the weekend... well, then I'm probably just dead. $200 referral bonus, anyone want to move here?
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