Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

H.264 is small and beautiful

The final day of our meeting went as well as the rest of the week. We tried not to spend too long arguing about minor things, and I had a bagel dog for lunch. A bit greasy, and not the easiest thing to bite into, but it was good. I spent the evening making my first Rayman video, which I might make a public post of later tonight or tomorrow (although I should clean up the sound and re-encode), and a new icon that I grabbed screencaps for a few nights ago and was just too lazy to assemble until tonight. It took a while, because I either had to sacrifice a lot of color quality to shrink it to LJ's preferred size or mask out the background so it would optimize a bit better. I chose the latter, obviously. More work, but I'm finally starting to appreciate the many ways image quality can be improved.

Might just spend the rest of tonight on Final Fantasy 13... haven't been putting much time into that recently.

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