Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

And the days go by... I'm sure I've used that one before, but who cares?

I guess this was technically the last day of my vacation. The weekend is up next, and then it's back to work as if none of this ever happened. I suppose it's worked. I've been able to nap a bit in the afternoons and watch a lot of Rocko's Modern Life. My throat seems to be clearing up well. I should actually feel up to going to work by Monday.

I still take the time to play Other M on occasion. It would be a bit less annoying if it would give me important items before I'm about to die. "Hey, we noticed you're fighting a losing battle because you don't have any weapons that work on that enemy. Use a better weapon, and see if you can survive on the 35 hit points you've got left."

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