Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

It's still not quite normal, but at least I'm back home.

It took most of the day, but I think I'm finally caught up with all the stuff I missed while I was out of town. There were a lot of videos posted, so many that I couldn't preload them. I recorded a commentary myself, but didn't take the time to clean it up properly. I'm still pretty congested, so I'm breathing more heavily than I'd like. The commentary itself was good, but I need to cut out the breathing, and the quick pass of the noise removal filter left some parts sounding not quite right. I probably should have listened to them before using the filter to compare, because some of it sounded a bit robotic even before, but I can redo that much if I need to. It doesn't take long.

The most interesting part of the day was opening the mail from after I left. The hospital sent me a bill for the discounted portion of the previous bill - in other words, for the part they told me I didn't need to pay if I paid by the due date. I called them, and they told me that because the HSA sent them the check, rather than me personally, they assumed it was the insurance company making another payment and didn't apply the discount. That can't possibly be the first time they've dealt with an HSA, so apparently, they've never gotten it right. But I told them the situation and they said they'd look into setting it right. I should still contact the HSA and find out about getting a debit card, though, now that I've actually found a situation where the checks don't work quite the same way.

I also owe everyone a Dragon*Con wrap-up. I was going to do it in pictures, but apparently, they don't rotate automatically in Droid Gallery and I don't feel like making the effort to move them to a computer, rotate, and upload them somewhere whence I can link them. I didn't take many pictures anyway, and nothing particularly interesting. I took a picture or two of looking up into the heights of the hotel where I was staying, which was staggeringly tall, and a picture of a sign that I found humorous, but which doesn't make as much sense out of context (it advertised a panel for complaining about the length of the pre-registration line, located in the room where I believe said line had formed, taking place "all day"). I didn't stop people to take pictures of their costumes because I hate the assholes who have to do that and make the traffic problems in the hallways and lobbies even worse than they already are, especially since I didn't find a costume that rivaled the guy who dressed up as a very confused Johnny Depp. He had the top hat and hair of The Mad Hatter, the leggings and boots of Jack Sparrow, scissor hands, and although I didn't see him from the front, I can only assume he was wearing the jacket and vest of Willy Wonka. Oh, there were plenty of other elaborate, accurate, and clever costumes, like a giant walking Wiimote and a Compaq with a blue screen of death, but that one was my favorite.

The crowds got in the way of several of the panels I wanted to attend, either by filling the rooms before I could get in line or just being so thick that I couldn't get close. I gave up on some without even going to look, simply because I knew the subjects would be that popular, and I was feeling the residual effects of having been sick for the past week and a half, so being around so many people didn't help. Still, I got to do enough that I didn't feel like the entire trip was a waste. I missed the Futurama panel, but I got to hear from Billy West and John Dimaggio at the Voice Actors' panel (which I probably only got into because everyone was at the MST3K panel). I didn't see most of the MST3K-related panels, nor did I see Bill Corbett or Kevin Murphy at all, but I enjoyed the Cinematic Titanic panel and got the autographs of the whole crew there. The merchandise I brought home pretty much speaks for itself. And of course, the highlight of the entire trip was undoubtedly the brief chat with Jewel Staite - the autographed photo is a mere souvenir. It was a pretty amazing weekend, but I honestly don't know whether I'm going to want to return another year. I expect it's going to take the rest of the week to de-stress from the experience and get back to my old routine. I really hope that will be enough to get over whatever I've still got.

Tomorrow begins with shopping - manga shopping as well as food for the rest of the week. As much as I enjoy the lunch options in town, I don't think I'll want to go out more than I have to.

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