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Note to self: Blow nose before talking to Jewel Staite.

Apparently, my mom wants to kill herself because I don't like her saying that "all her sons" hold an opinion that I don't. Well, I don't like it. I guess this is a matter of life and death now. Watch out, guys. As they say, Livejournal is serious business (although they don't usually use so many letters, or the right ones). Sorry, Mom, but that post is half of Livejournal, and my comment is the other half. Or would you rather I said "Oh, no, my mom's upset that I said something! I'm going to delete my Livejournal and find a place where I can air my thoughts publicly in private so I never offend anyone again!" Actually, that IS the sort of thing I used to do all the time. Now I know where I got it from. The sad part is that from your actual response, I thought you were taking it well. If I'd known you were going to whine about it, I might have said something else to clarify my position. I guess at this point, I can't argue if you really feel like you're too sensitive for Livejournal, because that seems to be the case, but honestly, fuck my opinion, right? If it's not a big deal to you that I didn't say what you say I said, then why do you care what I think of your entries? And if it is, then is it really literally going to kill you to say "most of" or "some of" your sons? It's a double standard. Well, I'll miss you. You were one of the few people who bothered to comment on my entries, and the only person who ever called me on Skype for reasons other than business.

And no, I'm not taking the suicide threat seriously because that's half of Livejournal as well. That's not an invitation to prove me wrong. This is how I show my love... by hopefully throwing into sharp relief how ridiculous you're being about this, and hoping that you'll get the hint and let it go. I think we're both mature enough to do that. Go get help for that suicidal depression. And that's my last word on the subject unless someone brings it up again.

Today's Manga: After a big couple of weeks, the end of the month caught me by surprise with a couple of unexpected finds. Future Diary 7, Panic x Panic 2, Pink Innocent 2, Negima Neo 6, Ratman 2, Portrait of M & N 3, Karakuri Odette 4, Alice in the Country of Hearts 4, Library Wars 2, Happy Café 4, Chibi Vampire: Airmail, and a new series called The Witch of Artemis, which just sounds like a likeable title. I don't expect to have much time to read them this week, but they'll be here when I get back. Dragon*Con is becoming another one of those pivotal points in my life where I don't want to do anything big before it, so I spend my days preparing for the new, completely unknown life that awaits after I get back. I have no idea why I always see life in those terms. I think it's probably because my memory's so bad that I can't remember more than one thing that I'm going to do in the future. Or I expect something devastating to happen that will ruin any plans I'd already made every time I go anywhere or do anything. Pessimism just seems to be my steady state, I guess. Take, for example, the Subway sub I got after buying what little food I foresaw needing this week. I ordered the usual Chicken and Bacon Ranch, and the guy at the Subway near Kroger (which I've only visited one other time) used the grilled chicken breasts instead of the chopped chicken. I don't know whether that was better or worse, or which it was supposed to be. I honestly don't know how to feel about it. And it reminds me of all the people insisting that I must have an opinion on big political and religious issues because they affect me. Well, that sub affected me. I had to eat it. I may find myself eating it again in the future. And I have no opinion. Thus we see the pessimistic attitude of assuming people are going to ask me heavy political and religious questions in the future based on having gotten a different kind of meat in my Subway sub. That's not really where I was going with any of that, but I thought it was an interesting and weird story. That's the way I like things. Whimsical and fun. I'm told by a very good source (a Jewel Staite retweet) that Jewel is great to talk to at conventions. Now if THAT isn't a trigger for pessimism, I don't know what is. However, if I make a fool of myself or something, I can rest comfortably that she'll never remember me and if she tweets something like "Some guy in a Midori Days T-shirt just sneezed on me, gross!" that there were probably a dozen other guys in that T-shirt who sneezed on her shortly before she posted that and she must have meant one of them, because I'm completely beneath notice and immemorable.

Meh. If I get close enough to sneeze on her, I'll be surprised. That's not the sort of thing that happens to me. Ever. Although I suppose that, if I were actually about to sneeze, that would be a different story. Four more full days of antibiotics before I get to the convention. I hope to be down to occasional coughing by then.
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