Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Key Lime Pie Ice Cream is much better than Key Lime Pie cupcakes. Thank you, Ben and Jerry.

Today's Bridge: It was a suitably close race, aside from Dan going for a slam when I opened a very weak 2H and he had 15 HCP and four hearts. We didn't lose any hearts, but we didn't have enough short suits to capitalize on and ended up off two. That didn't hurt us too much. In the last hand, Dan opened 1D and Ken doubled. I had the jack of hearts and five little diamonds, so I felt a redouble was in order. Then Keith bid 2H, Dan bid 3H, and Brandy, watching from the sidelines, asked whether we were just playing this hand for comic relief. It seemed that way, especially when Ken bid 3S and Dan went to 4D. Off three, although nobody doubled it.

Today's Work: They pointed me to an updated version of the document I've been editing. Granted, I haven't seen many updates, but attempts to get my changes into the new version seem to be pretty messy, so I don't want to screw with it too much. Gotta look at the IDD tomorrow, between a retirement party and the usual documentation meeting. The sooner I get the updates finished, the less I need to work next week. This means Aver's Pizza, plus more spare time for video work.

Speaking of video work, I didn't have time yesterday to work on the video, so I played some God of War 3. After taking way too long to do an update, I picked up where I left off, at the first post-prologue boss in Chaos difficulty, and managed to beat him around the time I'd have had to stop to watch an episode of Karin. So I pressed on. Tonight, I really need to get to the video, and having watched all of the latest LP videos as well as had a brief chat with Mark of Mark Reads Harry Potter fame (he really means it, he likes talking to his fans and is a great guy), I think it's about time I get on that.

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