Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Carefully avoiding the "get my ducts in a row" joke

Today's Manga: Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei 7 and Four-Eyed Prince 3. Not much, but I've got more than enough manga to last through the week, so no problems there.

As for DQ9, I really hate when a boss can randomly kill one of your characters in a single critical hit, and this happens way too often. I hadn't saved for a while, because I believed I was adequately leveled for the fight, and I managed to win eventually, but that wasn't very nice, game. At least I got an extra 10% experience, which was several hundred per character.

Otherwise, I devoted most of the day to working on the video. Surprisingly, it's almost done, except for a few scenes that I could probably leave out if I needed to. I've got the scripts for most of the scenes, and I wrote them to end with "xxxclip = " and "return xxxclip", so I can just remove the returns, as well as the copied function I stuck at the top of each one, and put all of the scripts into a single file, then ++ the xxxclips together into the final video. I still need to use a global variable to turn time-consuming effects, like reversing and overlays, off while I'm working on the video, and back on for the final product. It's looking good so far, and I think the jokes will work, although they'll have to be a bit rapid-fire because it's going to be a long video.

There was some excitement of a sort today when Curt noticed that the house was heating up so much because the A/C was blowing warm air. It looks like the lines from the condenser actually froze somehow (despite the heat everywhere else), so he let them thaw, and now we're just waiting for it to cool off again. It's definitely improving, but it might be a good time to get our ducts cleaned. And I've probably got a few days off coming up when I could potentially have that done. We'll see. I still need to look into preregistration for Dragon*Con, when I'm feeling a bit less lazy.
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