Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Stop dodging and blocking attacks and get hit already!

Happy birthday, angryjonny. Have a good one, although it's almost certain to be a better day than mine.

I'm increasingly of the opinion that what will get me this certification is not so much a familiarity with Linux as the fact that I'll only need to get half the questions right to pass. It's not that I don't know Linux, but they seem to ask only the most obscure questions about stuff nobody ever uses, stuff most people don't even know exists, and stuff any sane person would just consult the man page for. Quick, can you identify all the command-line options to rpm? Neither can anyone else.

The latest DQ9 quest is more annoying and time-consuming than difficult, as I discovered during lunch today. Granted, I only completed one of the three objectives, but I have a strategy that would make things much faster if I could be bothered to do that much character building. I probably won't. I'll just pick a time when I can afford to sit in an interminable fight and stick with the strategy I've been using. Like right now, for instance.

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