Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Okay, NOW the bangs are literal.

No, I wasn't wondering what else could go wrong with our testing, but it happened anyway. Now they're using the firing range, which means a lockdown and no cars parked within half a mile of our building... except mine, which I'd left there to attend a meeting because I had nothing better to do. Well, if they'd TELL US they're planning to lock down the area, we'd park elsewhere. The meeting ran long, so we stopped for a late lunch at the Thai place before heading back to the lab, where the task lead pointed out a problem that, as far as I can tell, was intentionally coded in there. On the plus side, once the lockdown was over, I was able to give everyone a ride to their cars, and just took the carless contractor home. Apparently, I'm the first person ever to order a toasted tuna sub at the local Subway.

I'm finally exploring the world at large in DQ9. Turning my mage into a martial artist has hurt my fighting ability, but I'm getting by for the most part, and I've finally unlocked a quest I think I can do. I might get on that this evening. Anything to avoid the dungeon where they killed my priest... although I suppose it doesn't matter that much, since dead characters still gain experience from battles. I just like having a full fighting force, or at least one living character who can revive the other characters when they die.

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