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Today's Bridge: A few disappointing hands, but it's tough to get upset over most of them. Some days, you just don't get much to work with.Collapse )

Today's Work: Random problems out of nowhere - we've identified where at least one of them lives, but we don't yet know what's causing it, so maybe we'll find out tomorrow. We're running very low on time to accomplish the work, though.

My eyesight has been blurry the past few days, and this morning, I confirmed that it's not hyperglycemia. I'll try cleaning my glasses to see whether that helps, but I may have to see an eye doctor sooner than I thought.

I start reposting the Rayman LP tomorrow

Today's Bridge: I drew out for the first time in a while. Eventually, I played another round of ZTD and managed to complete a puzzle room.

Today's Work: There was some fun with licenses this morning on a service we use, but all I could do was watch and wait. There's a lot to do, and most of it is stuff I need to wait for other people to do. I hate that.

I stopped on the way home to buy a cucumber and some tzatziki sauce for the leftover grilled chicken from the barbecue, which had been marinating in shawarma sauce. Like fajitas, it was a pretty messy dinner with a bit of prep, but it worked pretty well.

Why did I watch the whole thing? AGAIN?

Today's Bridge: Dan H. and I had most of the power today. In fact, I had most of the power. Not that we quite made the most of it, though.Collapse )

Today's Work: I finished up the new task I'd taken on last week, with some subtask-level support. We still need to finish up the bookkeeping for the subtasks, but it's pretty much ready to go.

I made a big bowl of vegetti with mozzarella-stuffed meatballs and alfredo sauce for dinner, which is the last of the food I'd bought for last week. It probably all worked better than expected, but it meant a lot of cleanup. A good chance to start the process of washing down the Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy movie with a chaser of the TV show, at least.
This Weekend's Manga: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders hardbound 3, Interviews with Monster Girls 4, Dreamin' Sun 1, D. Gray-Man 25, Fairy Girls 4, Bloom into You 2, Anne Happy 5, Arpeggio of Blue Steel 10, Nisekoi 21, Nichijou 8, Rokka: Braves of the Siz Flowers 2, Monthly Girls' Nozaki-Kun 7, My Hero Academia 8, Magical Girl Site 2, In/Spectre 4, I Am a Hero 3, Fairy Tail 60, Spirits & Cat Ears 2, There's a Demon Lord on the Floor 2, and Shomin Sample 5. I'd forgotten to load the latest version of my list on my phone before I left (and I even checked, but forgot how long ago I'd bought the book I used to check the list), so I had to use the list I'd posted here to make sure I didn't buy any duplicates. Good thing I've kept up the habit!

Obviously, I spent a long weekend visiting Mom. We played a few rounds of Mysterium, and even managed to win one. We also had a few games of Dominion, and I won them all this time. We did the shopping rounds on Saturday and went to a barbecue at coworker Brent's house on Sunday - sadly, most of the other guests canceled at the last minute, so it was just us and his family. It was still a nice, relaxing day, though. I got sick as usual, just before heading home this time, and then again after I got back, but I managed to buy food for the week. I still have one meal from last week that should still be good, and I bought the usual two quick meals to go along with the food I brought back from the barbecue. I bought some shawarma sauce to try with the grilled chicken. Worth trying out, anyway.

After all that, I even got the final co-commentary session for Gobliins 2 recorded, so things are proceeding in many ways.


I really want to sleep tonight

Today's Bridge: Another pretty lousy card day - Dan C. declared every hand, and won the first rubber with an underbid slam, a 2D that we might have had a line to set, but Raymond held up the king of clubs until it was ruffed (and I should probably have led trump from my A-K-9-8-x, but I was hoping to score more trump tricks), and a grand slam in clubs that only needed a 3-2 trump split to succeed. Then Raymond opened 3S and Ken doubled, which Dan took out to 4H. Ken went to 5D, and Dan corrected back to 5H. I should have doubled at every opportunity with my H A-Q-9-x-x D 9-x-x-x C A-x-x-x, but I didn't really see the point. They were determined to have the hand, I guess. Dan might have done well to let the double stand - Ken was also void in spades. Their final 3C was also off a couple, but I don't remember the specifics because I was pretty out of it by then.

Today's Work: I've taken on a new task, and I think I've got a decent handle on it, but there's something really messed up in our program that technically works, but we're pulling data out of a database and then sorting it manually because the data's stored in an unsortable format. That's just wrong. I hope we can fix it without too much effort.

I went back to the standard chicken fajitas tonight, and they're as good as ever, but as always, it means a lot of dishes to wash.
Today's Bridge: Dan H. and I had very little to work with. We defended a 2C where I think we had enough to compete, but I'd named my only biddable suit and he didn't reopen. The most interesting hand I had was S A-J-10-8-7-6-4 H Q-J-10-x C Q-x. Dan H. opened 1D, so I responded 1S. Then it was 2C, 2S, 2NT. My hand was totally unsuited to that, so I bid 3H in search of a trump fit. He bid 3NT, which was no better, so I closed at 4S. His S 5-3 H K-x D A-K-x-x C K-x-x-x-x looks pretty good, but we're missing two aces, I have no dummy entries to the diamonds, and it's tough to avoid losing at least two spades. Dan C. led a heart, which I let run to my ten. In need of a dummy entry, I led the low heart to the king and ace, and Ken returned a third heart, which Dan ruffed with the nine. He then led the king of spades, giving me a tiny chance. I took it and led the queen of hearts, hoping that Ken held the ace and Dan would hold up the queen of trump. If he ruffs with the two or fails to ruff at all, I can ruff in dummy, throw my clubs on the diamonds, and concede the queen of spades to make the contract. He sure thought about it for a long time, but in the end, he ruffed with the queen and cashed the ace of clubs. It wasn't best defense, though - if he cashes the ace and exits with a club instead of leading trump from his K-Q-2, the club trick does me no good, and I can't stop him from getting both of his honors for a two-trick set.

Today's Work: Just finishing up the stuff I needed to do. I had some neat ideas, and got to put "By golly" in a comment, so that was fun.
Today's Bridge: Dan H. offered to sit out, so Dan C. and I took on Ken and Jerry. We set most of their contracts while making a 4S. Then they made a 2NT, and we followed with a disappointing 3S. I had S K-J-x-x-x H K D Q-x C A-J-x-x-x, which I felt was just barely good enough to open 1S. Jerry overcalled 1NT, and that was passed around to me. Despite the inauspicious positioning of the power and Dan's advertised weakness, I had to bid 2C just based on the distribution. Jerry bid 2D, and Dan jumped to 3S. Taking that to be pre-emptive, and having already stretched my hand well beyond its worth, I passed. His hand was far better than his pass: S A-Q-9-x H Q-x-x D J-x-x-x-x C x. I've got three losers on top, but Jerry underled the ace of hearts, eliminating the loser there. I should have made five after that - I cashed the ace of spades, then crossed to the ace of clubs and ruffed a club, on which Jerry threw the queen. I ruffed a heart back to my hand, then ruffed another club, pulling Jerry's king. What I should do after ruffing the queen of hearts is lead the jack of clubs. If Jerry ruffs, I overruff, and after conceding my two diamond losers, I ruff back into my hand and pull the last trump to cash the thirteenth club. If he ducks, I let the jack ride, then pull trump, cash the final club, and concede the diamonds at the end. As it was, I just ruffed my last little club, and Jerry predictably had both of the remaining spades - he wouldn't have bid notrump with less than 10-x-x in my suit, although even that is a pretty flimsy bid. We ended with a sacrifice 4S Dbl - the opponents had 4H in the bag, if not with an overtrick, so while I wasn't expecting to be off two (five losers off the top, and even when they didn't take them immediately, I saw no way to get rid of any), it was within tolerance.

Today's Work: I finished the other major effort I needed to accomplish, which was simpler than I expected it to be. At least, I hope I got everything in the right places. I guess I'll find out when we test it.

I had the same dinner as last night, since it was a very late day. I'm hoping whatever happened last night doesn't happen again tonight, but since I don't really know what that was, I don't have a way to try to prevent it. I just need to try not to be so tired tomorrow.
Today's Bridge: It was an exciting day, but disappointing from some perspectives. Three unbid slams, no less.Collapse )

Today's Work: Things seem to be working the way I'd hoped they would, so I'm on track to get everything finished in time.

I stopped for fuel on the way home today, and since my tank was almost empty, I went to Kroger to use my fuel discount. Then I figured I might as well pick up the guacamole I'd forgotten to buy yesterday for my fajitas, which left me not enough time to make the fajitas. So I had lasagna, some bacon-wrapped jalapeños, and something called "Neptune salad", which seemed to be just a melange of seafood. Good stuff all together.
I spent about the usual amount of time playing Breath of the Wild this weekend, but I managed to get the laundry done, take out two bags of trash (just regular household trash, though - didn't get around to much cleaning), and made Spam for dinner instead of eating out. I also completed an entire Gobliins 2 video from recording to posting, and cleaned up one more Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom video. I think that's enough work.
Today's Bridge: None of the regulars were available, not even Brent, so I managed to convince Nathan, Anna, and Sam to join me for a game. Nathan and Sam had a slam hand first, but when I tried to talk them through finding it, they bailed out in 4S and made two overtricks when Sam didn't count the diamonds. An awkward auction put me in a decent 2S contract with at least one overtrick, but it might have been solid for game. Anna played the last two, a 3S pre-empt that failed to work out when she forgot which suit was trump and ruffed my good ace of clubs, and then a 2H that she just made despite forgetting to pull trump and giving up a round of cross-ruffing. All in all, I think it was a pretty instructive day, and there were some good and bad plays from everyone.

Today's Work: My idea worked, so I'm well on my way to a solution. There were some more weird anomalies during the testing, though, so we're going to have to look into them and possibly fix some problems that are likely to be tough to reproduce. The fun never ends.
Today's Bridge: It was a day full of sacrifices. I pulled off an early 3NT when every finesse worked, so our sacrifices were a bit more costly than theirs, but they went for a few contracts and got set as well, so we racked up a few hundred. Ken made a 3D with an overtrick, so when I had a fairly strong 1H hand with little distribution and he raised to 2H, I let it go. We were pushed up to 4H, which I missed by one. Had I raised protectively to 3H, we might have been left there. So when I had S x-x H K-Q-J-x-x D x-x C Q-x-x-x, Ken opened 1C, and Dan H. overcalled 1S, while I had to pass, I wanted to get in on the action. Dan C. bid 2D and Dan H. raised it to 3D, so I bid 3H, seeing no possibility in the defense. Dan C. doubled, but Ken left it, so I didn't try to correct to clubs. Ken had S A-Q-10-5 H 10-x D x-x C A-J-10-x-x, but both black kings were offside, so we lose those as well as three tricks in the red suits regardless of what suit is trump. (Ken is declarer in clubs, but the opponents have enough transportation in diamonds to establish the spade before he can set up the hearts.) 3H was a trick cheaper.

Today's Work: Version numbers are harder than they look.

I almost made a sort of early day of it today, but not by much. Maybe tomorrow will be even better.
Today's Bridge: Dan H. and I were up against Dan C. and Ken. We started with a 1NT, but they struck back with a game. We got our own, though - Dan opened the strong 1C and Ken overcalled 1S. My H K-Q-9 D J-10-x-x-x-x C Q-J-10-x was pretty promising, so I doubled, showing a positive response with a yet unspecified five-card suit. Dan bid 2H, so I knew we had a fit there, but I felt 3D was a worthy bid to explore a possible fit there. Dan C. cut in with 3S, which was passed around to me, so I bid 4H, figuring Dan H. could correct back to 5D if he felt it was a better option. He had something like S x-x-x H A-J-x-x-x D A-K-x C A-x, so I think we make either game. In spades, he lost only two spades and the king of clubs after pulling trump, but I think he got lucky. In diamonds, we lose the king of clubs and the offside queen of diamonds, but we'll get ten tricks in the red suits and the ace of clubs. They came out ahead by 40 in the end, but it was a pretty good day.

Today's Work: I got tasked to arrange a report of our ticketing system in a somewhat coherent fashion, which took up most of the day. In the end, I got to return to my main task, which is a bit more complicated than I gave it credit for even yesterday, when I knew it was a big mess. I think I've got a way to move forward, but there are a lot of cases I'll have to test once I get it mostly working.

One of these days, I'll have to look into some kind of flavored jelly to go with seasoned pork chops. They're okay on their own, but I think they could be better.

My neck feels better, but it still hurts

Today's Bridge: The opponents pretty well swept it - I had a strong hand for the first hand, and bid up to 3S, but Dan C. left me there. I got lucky and ended up with an overtrick. The opponents made their own 3S, with three overtricks, then finished with a small partscore and a 5D that we couldn't oppose. Finally, Ken opened 1S to my right, and with S K-9-8 H A-K-x-x D A-x-x-x C x-x, I saw no option but to double. Dan responded 2C, which Ken doubled, and I bid 2D, which was the final contract. Dan had S A-J-x H x-x D J-x-x-x C 10-x-x-x, and the queen of spades lead made things pretty easy. I took in hand, and fearing a ruff, I cashed the ace of diamonds, then led a low one to the jack and Ken's queen. He cashed two clubs, and I ruffed the third, cashed my spades and hearts, and conceded the top trump, making an overtrick on the crossruff.

Today's Work: The problem I thought would be simple turned out to be much more complicated, just due to the way the programs we're using work. I had to work on a few other problems first, of course. My work is never done. That's a good thing, because it means I have a job, but sometimes I need to be able to finish things.
Today's Bridge: It was a thin crowd, so I rounded up new player Anna to join us. I think she overbid quite a bit, but it was her first time, and the contracts were pretty interesting. We even found a 4S pre-empt (she overcalled Jerry's strong 1C with 1NT, Dan H. doubled, and I had S J-10-x-x-x-x H A-x-x-x-x D x C x), which pushed Jerry into 5C. Anna doubled that, and while we scored two aces and a club in her hand, there was also a diamond ruff available when she found my singleton on the lead, but when I got back in with the ace of hearts and switched to spades, she missed the signal and led another spade. She led another diamond when she next got the lead, but I was out of trump by then. Nobody made a contract, but I think it was an instructive day.

Today's Work: We had a big discussion about our top priorities now, and managed to find a path forward on each that seems pretty reasonable. One of the problems seemed particularly intractable, but I think we've got a good solution. It's just going to take a lot of work.

My neck still hurts, although I think it's faded a bit over the course of the day. That also might be all the medicine. I think I'll give it another rub-down with Ben-Gay and hope I sleep a bit more comfortably tonight.
I recorded three videos of commentary and edited two others, so while I didn't get any cleaning done, I feel fairly accomplished for today. I walked to Subway for dinner, after a breakfast adventure - the usual Taco Bell was closed for unspecified reasons, so I tried Subway on the way home. They'd just finished cleaning their toaster, so it would take ten minutes before they could toast anything. So I gave up and drove to another Taco Bell, with the groceries still in my trunk. They made my breakfast right away, so all was well, but it was more painful than I felt it needed to be.
Yesterday's Bridge: Nathan joined us, and partnered with me against the Dans. He opened 1NT with a singleton ace of hearts, but I had six spades to his four, so we found a game where slam might well have been laydown. The opponents made two partscores, and we set a 1NT. There was another heart trick available, but seven was all we really needed. Finally, I declared 3NT with S A-x-x H K-J-10-x D A-x C K-J-10-x facing S K-x-x H A-x D Q-x-x-x C A-9-x-x. With that kind of power, I'd be thinking of slam, but we got lucky. The opening heart lead felled the queen, and when I cashed the king of clubs, the queen fell on that as well. I tried a diamond to the queen, which also won, so I claimed nine more tricks and conceded the final spade. The slam requires three finesses, and they all just happened to work.

Yesterday's Work: I think I solved the biggest problem we're still aware of that's likely to happen in the field. It was kind of an accident, but I noticed something and went with it, and it paid off. There's one more problem that's really bothering me, but there's little I can do about it unless it comes up again, such as during testing.

Obviously, I've been pretty busy so far this weekend, but most of it was Breath of the Wild. I'm nearing the endgame, and I could go fight Ganon whenever I feel like it, but I know there's a lot more stuff to do first, and I intend to do as much of it as I can first.
Work was pretty standard for a telework day, but therapy offered some interesting insight. I need to learn how to feel good about the good things I do without the guilt that usually accompanies it. No idea how to do that, but it's a goal, at least.
Today's Bridge: I was disappointed with a few of the hands, but we came out on top in the end. In a few hands, I was just trying to minimize the damage, particularly when I was up against some awful splits in a 2NT. We set a 3H, barely, and I read Ken's two of spades lead as a singleton, since there was only one spade I hadn't seen, and the two clearly wasn't the start of a high-low. Leading a spade didn't give anything away, at least, and Dan H. let me hang on to my last trump to overruff a diamond.

Today's Work: Mainly getting some things wrapped up - not a lot of new work going on for a while. We're in really good shape for now. I've got something big to work on tomorrow, though.

I want to do normal things, like "sleep"

Today's Bridge: Another disappointing day. Setting a 4H was on me - I had a choice of leading a diamond through dummy's Q-J-10-7 or a spade through A-x-x-x, and I picked the diamond. The spade sets up my partner's king, and he also has the king of diamonds. As long as he doesn't cover any diamond leads, declarer eventually has to take the ace, and he's left with no way to get rid of his losing spade. I was left in a 2NT opening bid with S A-Q-x-x H A-K-Q-7 D K-Q C K-4-2, when partner (Dan H.) had S 10-9-x-x-x H x-x D A-x-x-x C 5-3. The clubs are wide open, but Dan C. led a diamond. I took a chance on a low spade, but there was no way to lose - Dan had the K-J doubleton of spades and couldn't have hurt me, even if he'd switched to clubs. When Ken kept his clubs and unguarded his hearts, I made three overtricks. But the opponents won the rubber, and our only victory was a bit of poor bidding. Dan opened 3C, Ken responded 3S, and Dan bid 3NT. Ken passed that with S A-K-J-10-9-x-x H K D A-J-x-x-x. With a void in his partner's suit, I think he needed to bid 4D, if not just 4S. Dan C. had a spade void and no entries. His best hope, I think, after the king of hearts took the opening lead, was to cash the top two spades and hope the queen would fall. I had four to the queen, so we'd get that and four more hearts (which we did), but his line of leading a diamond to his queen guaranteed the set regardless of distribution.

Today's Work: My solution worked, so we made a new build. Now it's back to administrative stuff and working on some of our bigger outstanding problems. I took a look at one form that's broken, and it's a giant mess of overlapping elements. It'll be a challenge to detangle it all.

I nearly fell asleep today - to the point of a hypnic jerk at one point. I was super-tired. I might even sleep tonight, but I always say that and it never happens.
Today's Bridge: Nathan and Brent filled in, opposing Dan C. and me. I stretched for 3D in the first hand, and Dan made it exactly. Then Nathan went for 3D with almost no support from his partner (and only five diamonds) when I had S K H A-x D A-10-8-6-3 C Q-J-9-x-x, and Dan had supported my clubs. Fortunately, I didn't double - Dan had almost no power, and I used up my ruffing power covering hearts, so he ended up just making it. Finally, I went for 3H with S K-x-x H K-Q-J-8-x-x-x D Q-x-x - I would have pre-empted at game, but without an ace, it seemed like a bad idea. Dan had S A-x-x-x H 5 D A-K-x C 10-8-x-x-x - I ruffed the opening club lead and led the king of hearts to Brent's ace, while Nathan dropped the nine. Brent led another club, so I ruffed and led the queen of hearts. Nathan threw a club. At this point, if I'd needed the extra overtrick, I could have tried for a grand coup, but I didn't have quite enough winners, and I thought Brent still had the 10-9, so I just cashed the jack, then ruffed out clubs until Brent ruffed in. I threw my losing spade under his trump, then claimed two overtricks.

Today's Work: I arrived to a crisis - our build had a critical failure, and when we started investigating, the engineer running the test had a completely different critical failure. We figured out what was happening over the course of the day, ending up back at the original problem, but didn't have much time to investigate. I think I figured out what the problem was and how to fix it, but right at the end of the day, so I sent the other engineer an E-mail with my findings and will have to wait until tomorrow to find out whether it works.

I made salmon fajitas again. They're really good, but I always end up eating too much. There's also a lot of washing afterward. But it's the best way to get in my peppers and onions.


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